Friday, October 12, 2018


THRILL YOU KILL YOU, otherwise known as the one-woman indie/post-punk/electronica project fronted by Los Angeles-based DJ/producer Fei-Fei, who first came to our attention earlier this year with her debut single, "Never Even Really", has today released her self-titled debut EP. The 4-song collection includes the aforementioned single as well its follow-up "Riding On Your Misery", which garnered support from notobale tastemakers such as Nylon Magazine, The Revue and Black Plastic, plus two brand new, never-before-heard tracks, "Fight Or Flight" and "Invisible Love" - all of which are unique, energetic and undeniably infectious thus making TYKY one of 2018's most promising newcomers in our opinion.

Speaking on the project, Fei-Fei explains:

"I started working on it two years ago and it’s so much more than just a new project. It became the journey to find myself, face my fears and turn my insides out in my music. It took me some time to realize that the part of performing that matters to me most was not just about being the life of the party, it was about expressing myself and working through all the twisted shit in my head. I rebelled against the part of me that was scared, and now finally have the courage to make the music I want to make. I learned how to sing, record and engineer on my own. I’m proud that I recorded my vocals on a cheap mic in the bathroom. It’s weird, it’s raw, and a little twisted but it’s all me. TYKY is about how I found myself, my sound, my voice..."

Stream THRILL YOU KILL YOU's debut EP in full below.

Purchase a copy of THRILL YOU KILL YOU's debut EP on iTunes, Amazon or Bandcamp.

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