Friday, November 2, 2018

Pontea - Down for The Ride

Los Angeles-based DIY electro-pop artist, Pontea (pronounced "Pon-ta") returns today following last year's release of her critically acclaimed debut EP, Unpredictable, with her new single called "Down for The Ride." Written by Pontea herself along with Nina Foot and produced by Joe Pepe and Zack Burke, "Down For The Ride", showcases Pontea's innate ability to deliver magnetic tunes, as she explores her Persian heritage in her music for the first time. Her Farsi flows are a unique surprise as they organically follow the lush soundscapes of ambient synths interwoven with soulful R&B and indie-electro vibes.
"Down for the Ride" is a smooth, seductive groove that sonically and lyrically provides global appeal. In the bridge, the song nods to her Iranian heritage with an unbounded hip hop flow, a moment both unanticipated and captivating to her audience.

A feel-good anthem, "Down for the Ride" also embodies Pontea's willingness to embrace the road ahead. The twists and turns prove more enticing than the straight and narrow, so why not veer from the traditional path and choose the direction most fulfilling? In the song, her story is communicated through a diverse soundscape, providing the feeling of forward momentum, a sensation we all seek. The fully immersive experience of music has given Pontea a deep sense of empowerment, and she hopes to use her journey to inspire young women to follow their hearts, despite adversity.

Listen to "Down for the Ride" below.

"Down for the Ride" is available now on iTunes.

Premiere via We Found New Music.

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