Friday, March 22, 2019

Xoller - Warning Shot

Introducing Los Angeles-based dream pop artist Ella Zoller, aka Xoller, who has today released her very first single under her new moniker called "Warning Shot", which is taken from her upcoming debut EP, Diamond In My Head, due out later this spring. A solo venture from her work in Brooklyn-based duo PROM, Xoller's music lives in a state of wistful nostalgia for things both past and future. Her debut EP explores sardonic longing and cyclical heartache through melancholic vocals and soaring, ear-catching choruses.

Speaking on the track, Xoller says:

"'Warning Shot' is an ode to addiction. Many of us live in a series of addiction cycles, passing from one craving to the next. Every time we become fixated on something, whether it be the classics - booze, cigarettes, or love itself - we think we're strong enough to ride the wave and come out alive on the other side. But there's always a moment when a warning shot fires off; we do something crazy and someone who loves us says, 'you better get that shit under control,' and we just shrug it off. Then that same shit hits the fan and those friends who warned us scatter.

The repetitive and insistent lyrical nature of 'Warning Shot' is like a mantra; turn back now, you can't say we didn’t warn you - this is your warning shot. Once your heart gets caught, there's no getting it back.

The love we feel when we're hopelessly addicted to something is never what we expected it to be. It doesn't nourish us like we thought it would, and the hunger keeps growing. Don't fall into that pool, you know you'll drown again, you drown every time. But if drowning is all you know, what do you do once you dry yourself off?

Listen to "Warning Shot" below.

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