Friday, November 8, 2019

Karolina Rose - Objection

Splitting her time between Los Angeles, New York and Warsaw, Polish-American alt-pop artist Karolina Rose follows her well-received single "Greytopia" with a dark spin on Shakira's legendary hit "Objection". Compared to the glittery upbeat rhythms in "Greytopia", the dusky groove of "Objection" perfectly exhibits Karolina’s versatile, unique brand of 'noir rose pop': alluring, seductive and layered - but with a prick of danger.

The Shakira classic is a sexy yet playful story of a tortured love triangle, which is mirrored in the indulgent production of Karolina's high-class offering helmed by producer Elliot Jacobson (VÉRITÉ, Allie X, Elle King). Often focusing on deeper perspectives in her music, the quickly-rising indie singer's compelling twist on "Objection" sounds gloomier than the original, while still brilliantly channeling its sass, empowerment and frustration.

Speaking about the release, Karolina explains:

"I wanted to be just like Shakira growing up. She's such a global, iconic superstar and I have loved her songs all my life. I randomly started belting out 'Objection' in between a session with my producer Elliot - he then encouraged me to cover the song while putting our own twist on it. We filmed with my friend's baby to represent motherhood and the Divine Feminine strength. This decision was also intended to be an ode to Shakira, given that she posed with a baby on the iconic artwork for her Oral Fixation, Vol. 1 album."

"Objection" is step two in Karolina's upcoming visual EP project, which will witness the nomadic artist tell a tale of love, loss and healing through four spectacular video experiences. The future is clearly bright for Karolina Rose, a sensational artist unfolding who has the potential to reach the upper echelons of the pop sphere with several more enthralling anthems to come.

Listen to "Objection" below.

"Objection" is available now on all streaming platforms. Get it here.

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