Thursday, August 3, 2017

Chrystal - Waves

Hailing from the North West town of Bolton, Lancashire, 26-year old singer/songwriter and producer Chrystal has today unveiled her debut single called "Waves", which was co-produced by John Calvert (Nao, Bonzai). Easily one of the more impressive debuts we've heard so this year, "Waves" is a singular work full of carefully placed bubbling beats and rhythmic electronic pulses which counterweight Chrystal's authentic Northern attitude.

Speaking on the track, Crystal says:

"I was really on a high when I wrote that song. Even though I didn't really have anything at the time and I didn't really have as much to show for what I was doing, I just felt in me that there was change and that something was going to happen. I just thought, I'm going to go to the top on my own. I just want to follow my heart and do what my spirit, what my body's saying to do. I feel very different to other artists. I'm not sad about it. I'm quite happy about it. I know I can write music and I know the world needs to hear it."

Listen to "Waves" below.

Premiere via i-D.

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