Thursday, August 3, 2017

Maximillian - Heard

Following on from the success of his previous singles, "Higher" and "Feelings", both released earlier this year, 18-year-old Copenhagen-based soul-pop crooner Maximillian now returns with his latest offering entitled "Heard", an absolutely breathtaking and wonderfully cinematic piano-led ballad that boasts a magnitude of emotional depth and maturity while once again showcasing Maximillian's stunning vocal performance. Maximillian is definitely an artist not to be overlooked.

Speaking on the track, Maximillian says:

"'Heard' is about feelings. It's inspired by people and what happens around me. Like most of my songs it's very personal but I prefer not to talk too much about the meaning of my songs. Listen to the words and make them your own – that's what I like to do when I listen to music."

Listen to "Heard" below.

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