Friday, October 6, 2017

BAER - River

Born in Taiwan, raised in Canada, and now residing in L.A., urban pop artist Sabrina Chang, aka BAER, continues to showcase her undeniable talent and further cement herself as one of this year's most exciting newcomers by today unveiling her stunning new single entitled "River", which was produced by longtime collaborator Zuric, who also produced her debut single, "Breathe The Same". "River" is an exhilarating and often suggestive dose of soaring electronic pop which also serves as the second single following "What Does It Matter" to be taken from her upcoming sophomore EP, The Pink Formosa, due out in November. Having already garnered the support of like-minded music blogs such as Acid Stag, I Heart Moosiq and Purple Melon, we're hoping it won't be long before BAER becomes a household name.

Speaking on the track, BAER explains:

"This song paints a visual picture of the upcoming EP, The Pink Formosa. The lyrics use 'the river' as a metaphor to describe a meeting place between an ex-lover and I, which also refers to somewhere on my body… you get the idea [wink wink]. Using the concept of the water and the river, I took imagery from the famous Chinese poet, Li Bai, from his poem about sending off an old friend at the river. I also took inspiration from an ancient Chinese folklore and tried to create a fantastical imagery in the bridge of the song."

Listen to "River" below.

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