Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Alexx Mack (feat EXES) - Your Car

Following last year's release of her previous single, "Whatever I Want", rising Los Angles-based singer/songwriter Alexx Mack makes her long-awaited return with her new single called "Your Car", an emotionally gripping and bittersweet pop ballad that was co-written and produced in collaboration with Allie McDonald and Mike Derenzo, aka fellow L.A. duo EXES, who've been churning out a couple gems of their own lately like "Quiet" and "Better Better".

Speaking on the track, Alexx says:

"This song wouldn’t have existed without EXES. Allie [McDonald] and I sat in my living room at the piano the day after this guy I was seeing dumped me. We cried. We laughed. We were hungover. We were both in excruciating emotional pain. We sat with it for a few months, going back and forth on whether or not the song was too personal for the rest of the world to hear, and that’s when we decided to have Mike [Derenzo, the other half of EXES] produce it. We finished it up, and I knew it had to be released as a collaboration. This song is a perfect marriage of Allie’s and my heartbreak, friendship, and hope."

Listen to "Your Car" below.

Premiere via Nylon.

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