Friday, November 3, 2017

BAER - Waiting For The Fall

Born in Taiwan, raised in Canada and now based in Los Angeles, multi-cultural urban pop artist Sabrina Chang, aka BAER has today unveiled yet another compelling pop masterpiece entitled "Waiting For The Fall", which was produced by longtime collaborator Roland Greco and serves as the third and final single following "What Does It Matter" and "River" to be lifted from her forthcoming sophomore EP, The Pink Formosa, due out on November 14th.

Speaking on the track, BAER explains:

"This song describes the struggle for balance between insanity and sanity of chasing dreams and living life to the fullest. It’s about flirting with the edge of life, of doing anything just to experience as deeply and as much as you can. Why do we do it, knowing that the next hit might cause us to completely crash? It’s about that peak of the high, when you’re at the very tip of it, but with one more push you might tip over and plummet down. I’ve been through so many extremes in my career as an artist - those super high moments when you create something magical and feel that something is on the brink of happening, but then another feeling comes along, almost like…If I put so much emotional investment into something, it could really break my heart if it doesn’t happen. And often it does. Another example is when I’m so tuned in to my feelings that it sometimes completely takes over me. I almost wonder sometimes if I LIKE to feel crazy, to feel pain, to smoke myself into oblivion and laugh and cry… because it makes me feel alive and feeds my thirst and creativity as an artist. I was also inspired by the lives of young legends that died, like Jimmy Hendrix, Marilyn Monroe, Kurt Cobain, etc. It’s a continuous journey of balancing between my emotions and my mental sanity, because at the end of the day, I don’t want to die young. Overall, I feel like this is common sentiment among youth - high highs, low lows. 

Musically, the song started completely acoustic. Roland and I really toyed over many different ways to produce it, as we had such a specific vision for it. It actually went through so many rounds and even different people, but it was never the exact sound I was looking for. I really wanted to blend an urban soulful sensibility into folksy singer-songwriter pop vibes, kind of like Four Five Seconds. I also spent a good amount of time on the vocal delivery and production of the song as I really wanted it to convey those emotions, and stand out as a unique element in this genre. Roland was really patient and really took the time to perfect the production of the song to my vision; it couldn’t have been any other producer!

Listen to "Waiting For The Fall" below.

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