Friday, February 9, 2018

Fifi Rong - Awake

A true pioneering artist in the industry who has organically integrated Chinese influences into western pop music, London-based vocalist, songwriter and producer Fifi Rong has today unveiled her new single called "Awake", which she wrote and produced herself and was mixed by Max Dingel, whose credits include Goldfrapp, The Killers, White Lies and Muse, among others. "Awake" also serves as the first single and title track off her upcoming EP, which is due for release on February 23rd and promises to be her most most ambitious and passionate project to date. With roots in dark ambient electronica, the avant-pop songstress has the rare ability to glide across an eclectic range of influences, seamlessly blending them into her own trademark sound. She says, "I like to challenge people’s musical taste buds and boggle the conventional minds that tend to pigeonhole things."

Speaking on the track, Fifi explains:

"'Awake' is about waking up to the truth after you have hypnotised yourself and deconstructing the paradoxes of human nature: subordination and rebellion, pain and joy, self-limitation and liberation."

Listen to "Awake" below.

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