Friday, April 27, 2018

Barkley - 3AM

Describing her sound as "edgy pop music with heart", Toronto-born, Los Angeles indie pop artist Susie Yankou, aka Barkley has today released her brand new single called "3AM." Produced by Sean Myer, who also co-wrote and produced Maggie Lindemann's hit singles "Obsessed" and "Pretty Girl", "3AM" is an emotive electronic pop ballad about being stuck in a relationship with someone that teeters on the verge of friendship and romance.

Speaking on the track, Barkley says:

"'3AM' is about being with someone who you know you'll never fully have, but they give you just enough hope that you keep trying. You roll your eyes when they hit you up every Friday night, but you know you'll probably have a fucking magical time, until it's over and they ignore you for another 6 days."

Listen to "3AM" below.

Premiere via C-Heads Magazine.

"3AM" is out now via Taste & Tone/Atlantic Records.

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