Friday, April 27, 2018

IOLITE & SOLARSUNS - Better Without You

19-year-old Denver-based alternative pop artist Elina Odnoralov, aka IOLITE has today released her new single called "Better Without You", a collaboration with SOLARSUNS - who we've been told are new to to the music scene but prefer to have their identity remain a mystery. Together, IOLITE and SOLARSUNS conspire to blend the worlds of light and dark in this beautifully, haunting single and its cinematic visuals which were shot in front of a forest burning up in flames. Washed over by lush melodies, dream pop rhythms and aggressive synths you can be sure that "Better Without You" will be the dawn of a new, dark-pop era.

Speaking on the track, IOLITE explains:

"It''s ['Better Without You'] about understanding that a situation is not good for you in the long run, but you can't help running back to it - because in the end we all make mistakes, and well... we're human."

Watch the video for "Better Without You" below.

"Better Without You" is available now on iTunes.

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