Thursday, April 19, 2018

Kezra - Better Place

Introducing Melbourne-based singer/songwriter Kezra, who has just released her debut single called "Better Place", produced by Mark Zito, aka Fractures and mixed by Simon Lam of Kllo fame. Kezra's vocals are an immediate stand out on the track; breathy and hypnotic, the way this vocalist makes her presence known on record is truly beautiful. Matched by the great production of Mark Zito, "Better Place" could not have been in better hands.

Speaking on the track and working with Mark Zito, Kezra explains:

"I had this Garageband demo that I sent through to him with piano, vocals and a few guitar riffs. From there, it really became more than I ever imagined. I said to Mark, I want to create something that I can lay there with my headphones and listen to it over and over again. At his home studio in Melbourne, we worked on the track together and had these really awesome ideas that I never would have thought of. From smooth chilled out synth lines to those funky guitar riffs in the choruses... oh my, he was on point as a producer. He just got it."

Listen to "Better Place" below.

Premiere via Music Feeds.

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