Friday, May 11, 2018

Bossy Love - Talk To Me

Glasgow-based duo Bossy Love, comprised of Amandah Wilkinson (former lead singer of Australian pop band, Operator Please) and John Ballie Jnr (former Dananananaykroyd lead) have today shared their brand new single called "Talk To Me" ahead of the release of their upcoming debut EP, which is slated to drop this summer. Powered by an infectious beat and Amandah's distinct vocals, "Talk To Me" is just the funk-infused electronic pop track you need to help kickstart your weekend.

Speaking on the track, Amandah says:

"Being heavy into 80s Janet, John made this beat and 'Talk To Me' happened. It's about pushing through a difficult situation without rising to the bait and not feeling the need to settle for something that isn't right for you."

Watch the video for "Talk To Me" below.

"Talk To Me" is available now on iTunes.

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