Friday, May 11, 2018

Esther Vallee - Higher

Swedish pop sensation Esther Vallee has today released her new single called "Higher", which was written in collaboration with Anton Axélo and serves as a taster of what's to come from her forthcoming EP, Things We Never Talk About, which is set for release on June 1st via Warner Music Sweden. Produced by Jonas Quant (Hurts, No Doubt, Foxes) and Jocke Berg (Ellie Goulding, Kent), the six-song collection will also include her previously released singles, "Numbers" and "Hardcore" as well as three as yet unheard tracks – "Oil & Feathers", "U Know Who You Are" and "Get It Done".

Speaking on the track and the EP, Esther explains:

"'Higher' is about the urge to feel something for someone - or at least pretend to feel something and that everything is perfect. I'm not that interested in who you are or what you do, what keeps you up at night or how you take your morning coffee, but I just need you next to me unconditionally. It may sound desperate, but why the hell not?"

"This is my first EP where I'm presenting some of the most emotional years of my life. Every song has its own story from relationships both from my past and from my present. Every story is about things I feel we don't talk about enough in life. Things we feel ashamed of or just things we feel are too hard to share. Cause, somehow it's in a human beings nature to think that no one could ever feel the same as you do. I wanna remind people to talk about it more. Then maybe just one little soul out there would realize that she or he is not alone.

Listen to "Higher" below.

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