Thursday, May 10, 2018

Girlhood - Milk & Honey

London-based duo Girlhood, comprised of vocalist Tessa Cavanna and producer Christian Pinchbeck, have today unveiled their brand new single called "Milk & Honey", their first taste of new music following last year's release of their debut EP, Girlhood, Vol. 1. Returning with a confident progression on the sound that made them one of 2017's most exciting prospects, "Milk & Honey" is a short, seductive example of classic R&B that treads through uncharted waters with ease. As the track opens, traditional piano sounds play alongside spliced sax solos, introducing the song's sonic duality. Vocalist Cavanna muses on internal battles between her head and her heart in her now-trademark soulful yearning while blending heartfelt R&B instrumentation with deft The Avalanches-esque audio patchworks.

Speaking on the track, the duo explains:

"This song is about the complicated relationships we have with ourselves and our own narrative. 'Milk & Honey' is to say I know I feel what I feel, and that’s ok in this moment, but it won't make or break me."

Listen to "Milk and Honey" below.

"Milk and Honey" is available now on iTunes.

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