Friday, May 4, 2018

Sara Diamond - Fool

22-year-old Montreal-based singer/songwriter Sara Diamond never ceases to amaze us as she has consecutively released one flawless track after another. Sara's latest single is called "Fool" and is perhaps her most exceptional offering to date. Produced by Brody Gillman, "Fool" is a moody, R&B-infused pop gem that once again puts Sara's songwriting prowess on full display as she sings, "I take your sweater so I can hold onto you when you don't want me around. Now or later, guess I'm gonna call up an Uber cause you don't want me around."

Speaking on the track, Sara explains:

"It's easy to feel like a fool when we give other people the power to control how we feel. No one can take away my happiness except my own ego. This song is about taking my power back and becoming the woman I know I can be."

Listen to "Fool" below.

"Fool" is available now on iTunes.

Premiere via Kick Kick Snare.

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