Friday, June 29, 2018

NINA - Guard Down

Truth be told, I have deep-seated family roots in Boston, so much so that whenever I get pitched an artist from there, I jump at chance to to write about them and their newest release. which may seem silly and a little bias but it's a feeling of hometown pride that I think most Bostonians will understand. As with the case of 21-year-old Chicago-born, Australian-raised and now Beantown-based singer/songwriter Nina Baumer, aka NINA, who is currently enrolled as as full-time student at Berklee College of Music. Now following the release of her self-titled debut EP, earlier this year, NINA returns with her new single called "Guard Down", a confessional R&B-infused soul-pop masterpiece that listeners can easily vibe along to.

Speaking on the the inspiration behind the track, NINA says:

"I have a very close friend who works extremely hard and doesn't often show her vulnerability. After one of our 'boy talks' I was thinking about how I completely related to her and how when you have such big hopes and dreams you hold up a shield to anything that could distract you. From that the words ‘Guard Down’ just hit me.”"

Listen to "Guard Down" below.

"Guard Down" is available now on iTunes.

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