Friday, July 13, 2018

Chløë Black - Spaceman

Australian-born, Los Angeles-based songstress Chløë Black has today unveiled her absolutely breathtaking pop masterpiece entitled "Spaceman", which was co-written with Ferras Alqaisi and produced by Sawyr with artwork styled by Brooke Candy. Serving as the follow-up to her previous single, "Good Times", released back in early March, "Spaceman" is easily one of Chløë Black's most impressive and mesmerizing offerings to date.

"I was also using 'Spaceman' as a metaphor for romance," Chløë tells Noisey. "You know… they have to be extraordinary – a spaceman – somebody who is worth your time. And even though it's a gendered term, I don't necessarily see it as a man, or even a person."

Listen to "Spaceman" below.

"Spaceman" is available now on iTunes.

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