Friday, March 15, 2019

New Music Friday #98

Happy New Music Friday everyone! Below you will find a roundup of some of this week's best new music by some of today's most promising (mostly) female artists. Also, be sure to check out our comprehensive Spotify playlist at the bottom of this page which includes all these songs plus songs that we previously featured earlier this week. Enjoy! xoxo

Abby Jasmine (feat. Taylor Belle) - "Relax"

BEA1991 - "My Own Heaven"

The Bliss - "Nothing Scares Me Anymore"

Blu DeTiger - "Mad Love"

Caroline Kole - "Flow"

Caroline Romano - "Me and You"

Chelsea Lankes - "Make It Stop"

Christiana Berenguer - "Finding Me"

Clara Mae - "Lost"

dontask - "It's My Fault"

DYLN - "Lately"

Edith - "Don't Wanna Think"

Emma Elisabeth - "Pilot"

Gaia - "Birds"

Gavin Turek - "Elevator"

Gigi Rich - "Silver Lining"

Goldroom - "Cocaine Girl"

Grace Savage - "Snowflake"

Grimes - "Pretty Dark" (Demo)

Hannah Grace - "The Bed You Made"

Heidi Petite - "Blue Benjamin"

Holliday Howe - "Pretty"

Hyphen Hyphen (feat. Kiiara) - "Lonely Baby"

I am Boleyn - "Limit Of Love"

ILUKA - "Closer To You"

IV Jay - "With You"

Jade Bird - "My Motto"

JOYNER (feat. Cat vs Cat) - "Peaches"

Jule Vera - "GUM"

Lena - "don't lie to me"

Lennon Stella - "BITCH (takes one to know one)"

LeyeT - "Work It Out"

Lucy Daydream - "Somebody Else"

Lucy Rose - "Treat Me Like A Woman"

Lydia Ainsworth - "Tell Me I Exist"

Maiah Manser - "See Thru It"

Mendi Moon - "All About the Money"

MENDOZA - "All My Shit"

Molly Moore (feat. Keenan Charles) - "Vibe "

Naomi Wild - "Run That"

Natalie - "Amanda Bynes"

Natalie Lynn - "One"

Novaa - "HMLTM"

OSTON - "Way We Say Goodbye"

Patawawa - "All The Time"

Pontea - "Possession"

R E L (feat. EaSWay) - "Wow Wow Wow"

RuthAnne - "Love Again"

Ruthie - "Spirit Now Moves"


SHIIVERS - "Animalism"

Shreya Preeti - "Think I'd Like To Be You"

Silk Cinema - "I Know What Love Is"

Sophia Bel - "Time"

Sophia Tako - "Body Of Art"

Sophie Faith - "Salt"

Tania - "Break Up To Make Up"

Tori Levett - "Thought I'd Know"

Tusks - "Peachy Keen"

Vast Hill - "Heartbreaker"

Vera Hotsauce - "Hey Boy"

ViVii - "Pick Me Up"

Young Bombs - "Starry Eyes"

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