Friday, August 16, 2019

BAUM - Bad Kid

Bringing a revolutionary approach to pop with her new single, BAUM (née Sabrina Teitelbaum) shares her latest heartache and delicate effort with the meditative "Bad Kid".
The songstress invites listeners into her circle of confidence, exemplifying a candid portrayal of the young artist finding solace within her contemplative lyricism. "Bad Kid" builds off of hypnotic melodies and BAUM's profound voice, exploding into emotions of guilt, grief, and despair. Additionally, the visual that accompanies the track further strengthens BAUM's nonconforming aesthetics in sharing her story of isolation. As BAUM shares,

"This is the most special song to me and the most vulnerable one that I've written. It’s about losing someone and wishing you could go back and fix everything that happened, just put your relationship in a pretty box."

Watch the video for "Bad Kid" below.

"Bad Kid" is available now on all streaming platforms. Get it here.

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