Saturday, May 23, 2015

LAYNE - Somebody

Los Angeles-based indie pop artist Layne Putnam, aka LAYNE has recently shared the music video for her new single, "Somebody", her ode to musicians who leave the serenity of rural life for the challenging pursuit of success in the city. Somebody" serves as the newest single following the release of her 6-song EP, Warrior, released earlier this year.

Raised in the Black Hills of South Dakota, when LAYNE was fifteen, she released an album entitled Better Than Me and two years later she released an EP called Mind Games. By this time she was playing almost every weekend at different venues throughout South Dakota and was featured twice on public radio and multiple times in the various newspapers.

LAYNE co-produced Warrior with Devon Corey (Comeback Kid, The Material). The young indie artist has a very clear idea of how she wants it all to sound: “I want people to see the production we’ve spent so much time creating come to life, and to hear the huge wall of sound - even if there are only two or three players on stage,” she explains.

In regards to her music, LAYNE says:

"Songs often represent a very specific location, a place that can somehow beckon and unite complete strangers from completely strange lands. It's always amazed me that a song written by someone after intense heartbreak or loss can change the life of someone else. It is somewhere I can always go to not feel alone, and I want others to meet me there."

Watch the video for "Somebody" below.

"Somebody" is available now on iTunes.

Premiere via Bloody-Disgusting.

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