Monday, June 22, 2015

Au Dré - Fool Me

Melbourne-based duo Au Dré, comprised of producer JamBau and vocalist/trumpeter Audrey Powne have today unveiled the sleek new visuals for their sexy debut single, "Fool Me". Directed by Bianca Milani of An Architect Photographed My Undies, the music video for "Fool Me" blends together a mix of 80s and 90s nostalgia with its analogue televisions, synchronised group dancing and retro visual effects. Reminiscent of a time when MTV and music videos ruled the popular music world, the tongue and cheek clip also features singer Audrey Powne as the ignored girlfriend of an unknown hipster. Adorned in a bodysuit with leggings and accompanied by two male back-up dancers, Powne is in her element, embodying a mix of young Grace Jones and Cyndi Lauper - fierce, feminine and fun.

According to the band, "Fool Me" is about that moment you realise someone has moved on faster than you, that weird mixture of anger, hatred, nostalgia and the realisation maybe you're "losing" the break-up. Musically it is a hail to 90's house/RnB, bringing together a combination of bright synths, punchy drum samples, soulful vocals, signature 90s piano riffs and horns. You can't help but bust a dance move while listening to "Fool Me".

Watch the video for "Fool Me" below.

"Fool Me" is available now on Bandcamp. (name your price)

Premiere via Semplesize.

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