Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Naya - Lost For Words

Introducing 18-year-old London-based newcomer Naya. Having just finished her first year at college studying music, Naya has today unleashed her remarkably impressive debut single, "Lost For Words". Taking cues from artists such as Blood Orange, Shura and Tei Shi, the single is a bold introduction to Naya's brand of infectious 80s inspired pop. Clocking in at just under three minutes, "Lost For Words" is a built around a bright explosive chorus, driving 80’s drums and the unmistakable lush sounds of Roland synthesisers. Needless to say, if this first release is any indication of future releases that we can expect from her, then Naya is an artist that we will definitely be keeping a very close watch on from now on.

The song was written after a holiday romance. Naya goes on to explain: "I came out of a messy relationship and promised myself that I wouldn’t get involved with anyone else for a while. Shortly afterwards I met someone new and it was like - here we go again.”

Listen to "Lost For Words" below.

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