Friday, October 23, 2015

Holly Drummond - Battle Lines (EP)

Hailed as a female Damien Rice, 21-year-old Scottish singer/songwriter Holly Drummond has been on our watch list for quite some time now. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Imogen Heap, Daughter, Lucy Rose and Regina Spektor, among others, her sound has been compared to the likes of Dido, Suzanne Vega, Nick Drake and Lucy Rose, with a touch of Paramore. Holly's lyrics have been described as "humble and wise beyond her years".

In addition to writing all her own songs, Holly also writes and records vocals for many promising EDM producers such as Rameses B, Direct, TwoThirds and Eminence. She has also worked with other singer/songwriters such as Lewis Mokler, Frank Hamilton and fellow Scot, Danny Shah. Through her collaborations and her own videos, Holly has racked over 11 million views on her YouTube channel and her song, "These Four Walls" was featured in the UK television show, Hollyoaks.

Today Holly has released fourth solo EP titled Battle Lines. The 5-song collection features her new single and title track plus four additional breathtaking and timeless songs, all of which she recorded, mixed and produced herself from her bedroom studio in Glasgow.

Stream the EP in full below.

Holly Drummond's Battle Lines EP is available now worldwide.
Purchase a copy on iTunes, Bandcamp or Amazon.

For more info. on Holly Drummond, please visit her website.
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