Tuesday, October 27, 2015

KREEP - Jackie Chan

Aside from knowing she grew up in the northern part of Scandinavia (thank you SLACK), very little information regarding mysterious newcomer who goes by the moniker KREEP has yet to be revealed, however according to the short description found on her SoundCloud bio, KREEP has been kreepin' it real since the 90's. So we know that she is young, clever and obviously very talented. In an email she wrote to us, KREEP writes:
"I make music, write, make beats, I go crazy.
And I think you might go crazy too... for what you're about to hear.

I'm not a big name or anything, I'm just a girl trying to spread my music, my message.

You seem to be great on being the first one to pick up new stuff.
Wanna be the first to talk about KREEP?"
--- YES WE DO!
Check out what we can only assume is her debut track along with the seizure-inducing visuals for "Jackie Chan" below and let's hope there's a lot more where this came from.


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