Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Marz Léon - SOREE

A self-made vocalist, songwriter, art director, stylist and model, Marz Léon sees herself as an alien loner trying to make sense of this corrupt world. Everything we see and hear from the Los Angeles native has her own input deeply embedded into it, from the clothes she chooses to wear to the beats she sings on, the lyrics she pens to the visuals that match.

Yesterday she premiered her new single, "SOREE" via Schön Magazine. The single is another stellar example of her ability to combine uncompromisingly personal writing, with her unique vocal approach and an impeccable ear for production - which comes courtesy of Jamil "Digi" Chammas with additional production by Charlie Handsome & Lifted.

Speaking on the track, Marz says:

"'SOREE' is a deep track for many reasons. Someone can only promise you so much and never reciprocate until you’ve had enough to know its time to let go, understand your journey from it and move forward to greater moments. We get stuck in situations that are hard to break free from at first. But we also have to remain strong and learn to break free from anything that is not promising to help us progress in our future. You can only really be sorry to an extent, until it just becomes an excuse for not facing the truth of your actions."

Listen to "SOREE" along with her previous single, "HRTBAQ", below.

"SOREE" is available now on iTunes.


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