Thursday, October 15, 2015

Lincoln - Limits

Introducing Sydney-based indie pop artist Lincoln, who has just unveiled her stunning new single called "Limits", co-produced with Chris Chidiac of Polarheart.

Emergency Nurse by day and songstress by night, the project of Lincoln developed out of a need to make sense of a chaotic and sometimes painful world. Lincoln's name does not derive from a fascination with the 16th President of the United States but more aptly to honor the beautiful Mister Lincoln rose that she would picked each Sunday to lay at the grave of her late mother who passed away when she was a little girl. Death and sex are twin shadows that roam around Lincoln's songwriting.

In 2014, Lincoln's single, "Undone" debuted at Number 4 on the AIRIT Great Southern charts, receiving stellar reviews from blogs across Australia and overseas. And her Dark Souls II video game track "Remember My Name" has had nearly a quarter million views on VaatiVidya's YouTube channel.

Lincoln's idiosyncratic vocal style, piano driven melodies, spooky sonic soundboard and lush production, have previously brought some bleeding obvious comparisons such as London Grammar, Lana Del Ray and Glass Animals, but Lincoln's authentic torch songs are unique and shine most brightly out of Sydney's blooming soundgarden.

Listen to "Limits" below.

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