Thursday, November 12, 2015

Allie X - Never Enough

Having already amassed a quite a following of X's here in the US and in Canada, not to mention receiving a nod from pop princess Katy Perry, Toronto-born, Los Angeles-based artist Alexandra Ashley Hughes, better known as Allie X has today she has unveiled her new single called "Never Enough", which serves as the second track to be lifted from the UK release of her debut EP, Catch, due for release this Friday (November 13th).

Speaking on the track, Allie says:

"'Never Enough' xplores the idea of being in 'love' with someone to the point where a relationship self implodes. Very often people feel a 'burning love', but that feeling doesn't seem to sustain itself. 'Love' isn’t enough to keep two people together."

Listen to "Never Enough" and be sure to also check out the lyric video for "Catch" below.

Premiere via Hunger Magazine.

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