Friday, November 27, 2015

Lizzo - My Skin

Detroit-born, Houston-bred and Minneapolis-based rapper/singer Melissa Jefferson, aka Lizzo has just unveiled the music video for her empowering new single titled "My Skin", which was produced by Stefon "Bionik" Taylor and serves as the third single following "Humanize" and "Ain't I" to be lifted from her forthcoming album, Big GRRRL Small World, due for release on December 11th via BGSW Records.

Speaking on the video, Lizzo says:

"We are reduced to our stereotypes. We ALL are. But black stereotypes have made us the pariah of the privileged. 'My Skin' is a stance against the racial profiling of ALL ethnicities and the blind hatred that poisons our perceptions. I performed in this music video being fully aware of the consequences. The amount of shame people place on others’ bodies has evolved beyond the quiet murmurs behind backs. 'Body shaming' and hateful, stereotypical slurs are flippantly exchanged on social media and YouTube comments. This video will be seen, scrutinized, laughed at, hated, loved, but most importantly appreciated. My afro-hair, fat, muscle, bone and melanin are not a punchline - I was born in it, and I will proudly wake up in it everyday. This is a summoning of bodies: all shapes, sizes and shades to unite in their pride, and wear their skin like the gift it is."

Watch the video for "My Skin" below.

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