Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Ofelia K - Hawk Fly Tiger Run

Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter (and former member of indie pop duo wanderhouse with Doctor Rosen Rosen) Ofelia K returns today with her new single called "Hawk Fly Tiger Run", which also serves as the fourth and final track following "White T-Shirt", "As A Bell" and "Gone" to be lifted from her forthcoming 4-track debut EP, Plastic Flower, due for release on November 6th via South By Sea Music.

Speaking on track, Ofelia K says:

"'HFTR' was one of the first songs I made for my EP and it felt like a real turning point musically. It's always hard for me to describe this song to people... I know there's a lot going on - Prince funk grooves, banjo twangs, playful guitars and deliberate pop programming, but the song really feels like me and it helped map the course of the rest of the EP."

Listen to "Hawk Fly Tiger Run" below.

Premiere via Bullett Magazine.

Pre-order Ofelia K's Plastic Flower EP on iTunes and get "Hawk Fly Tiger Run" instantly.


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