Tuesday, November 24, 2015

RYAL - Another Song

New York City-based artist Jacque Ryal, who goes by the moniker RYAL (pronounced rile) has today unveiled her gorgeous new single called "Another Song", which serves as the first taste of her forthcoming self-titled debut EP, scheduled for release on February 19th.

RYAL has gone solo after moving on from her previous project (a dark, moody sound not unlike Portishead), maturing into dance-y alt-pop production with the help of her producer Aaron Nevezie. Her style has drawn comparisons to the sweet siren songs of Björk and vintage Prince, whose influences can be heard on the new EP.

That said, "Another Song" is a more subdued, autobiographical ballad with an electronic landscape that contains an evident departure from what has been, and what is now. It tells the story of the loss of RYAL's mother... while her main focus is on making us dance, she took a moment to tell a personal story she had yet to tell.

Listen to "Another Song" below and stay tuned for the single's accompanying music video coming soon. Watch this space.


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