Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Paris Carney - Send A Prayer

After having greatly impressed us with her previous single, "Riot", released back in early October, Los Angeles-based indie pop artist Paris Carney returns today with her most personal and emotional song to date called "Send A Prayer", produced by Greg Garbowsky and mixed by Jesse String.

In a recent blog post Paris writes:
"As of late it feels like every corner we turn, another devastation has occurred. Innocent lives being taken away, changed forever and it doesn't make any sense. And as much faith one has, the pain is still unbearable and there doesn't seem to be a point.

This song is for that person suffering. When the rest of the world moves on but you are left in the ashes of your loss and forced to try to pick up the pieces with a spirit that has gone numb.

'Send A Prayer' was inspired by my own personal pain of my mother’s diagnosis of breast cancer earlier this year. All of my (truly wonderful) friends were telling me how they were praying for my mother, yet I saw no change and it left me feeling so angry and bitter which led me to think, 'Is anybody really praying?!..' they must have not been praying hard enough because my mom hadn't been healed. I realize that sounds terrible but I felt so desperate. (The verses are about my struggle in the music industry, which if you’ve followed any of my other songs, you've heard before - but this song is my most raw / vulnerable.)

I felt led to release this song now because of all the evil that's been so evident in the recent months. We are all in need of miracles. Sometimes it's impossible to find good when all we can see is darkness. This song is for the person that feels alone, betrayed, devastated, depressed, anxious, fearful, sick, experiencing great loss... My hope for this song is that it would reach you to your core and that you would be able to listen to it and weep and mourn and know that you are not alone.

Listen to "Send A Prayer" below.

In addition to prayers, proceeds from the song will be donated to the American Red Cross and also the American Cancer Society. Purchase a copy of "Send A Prayer" on iTunes.


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