Thursday, February 11, 2016

Chiara Hunter - Hammer

Originally from Melbourne, Australia but now based in London, emerging newcomer Chiara Hunter returns today with another dose of funk-driven future pop in the form of her new single, "Hammer", which was produced by Tim Deal and serves as the third track following "Strange Relationships" and "War" (featuring Gifted Gab) to be taken from her debut EP, Strange Relationships, due out tomorrow (February 12th) via Super Recordings.

Speaking on the track, says:

"'Hammer' is about the kind of person that crashes into your life & instantly makes you feel like 'fuck, this person is so cool, I just wanna run away and do crazy shit, be alive and in this moment.' It's a celebration of the mad ones, ‘cause they make you want to be mad too."

Listen to "Hammer" below.

Premiere via MTV UK.

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  1. This is great... explosive modern funk-pop. And BTW, I love this music blog. It's quickly become one of my favorites!