Wednesday, February 3, 2016

KLOE - Teenage Craze

Glasgow-based singer/songwriter KLOE has today unveiled her upbeat and brilliant new single called "Teenage Craze", which was co-written and produced by Stelios Phili and also serves as the title track to be lifted from her upcoming debut EP, due for release this Friday (February 5th) via Columbia Records (UK) and IAMSOUND in the US. The EP will also include her previously released tracks "Touch", "Feel" and "Grip".

Speaking on the track, KLOE says:

"'Teenage Craze,' to me, feels like the start of something. I wrote it at the tail end of last year about everything that had happened to me in 2015. The 'fake friends' drama, feeling like I was 'losing my head'- all very true to what I was going through. I had just started working in London, a city where everything is almost hyper-real. The people, the industry - all of it. I was very disconnected from everything I'd ever known growing up in Glasgow. Nostalgic about my past and the people who were in it. In retrospect, I think 'Teenage Craze' is a dark, twisted love letter to my youth. And a farewell to my teenage years."

Listen to "Teenage Craze" below.

Pre-order KLOE's Teenage Craze EP on iTunes.

Premiere via Nylon.

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