Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Paris Carney - The Human Condition

Los Angeles-based indie pop artist Paris Carney has been on our radar ever since she released her song "Astronaut" in late 2014. Since then she's released a brilliant cover of White Town's 1997 hit "Your Woman" plus two deeply moving and emotional singles, "Riot" and "Send A Prayer". Today, Paris returns with her new song called "The Human Condition", which even though the song itself is short (running at just one minute and 28 seconds), the message behind it is big, and because of this, we deemed it worthy of a post.

In recent blog post, Paris writes:
This song is a song of satire. As humans we always seem to want more, and when we get what we think we wanted there is something new that entices us. The message of this song is to prove that unless we allow ourselves be satisfied, we will never be satisfied.

There will always be a new pair of shoes, a higher amount of money to earn, a skinner frame, a nicer car … The cycle never ends and it will never be enough. It’s not bad to want, but I do think our society has a skewed view of Wants vs. Needs. We are set up to constantly compare ourselves when really, we should be thankful for all we have. I say this because I live this comparison everyday. I wrote this song as a reminder to myself that these desires can be laughable and THAT can sometimes make the want lessen.
Listen to "The Human Condition" below.

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