Friday, February 5, 2016

Sundai - Unreliable

Introducing London-based newcomer Sundai who originally started out in the music scene by DJing grime and hip-hop at the age of 17, but has since moved on to seek out her aspirations of becoming a solo artist. Over the past two years, Sundai has been working hard to define her sound and hone her craft, "writing her story" in anticipation of her prospective coming out.

Today, we get to hear the results of all of Sundai's hard work as she has just released her debut single titled "Unreliable". Produced by Dutch producer Jonathan Tan, aka Wantigga, "Unreliable" serves as the first song in a series of tracks to be released each month throughout 2016, while also working as a consistent and consecutive unraveling of her story.

Speaking on the track, Sundai tells Nothin But Hits:

"'Unreliable' was written about a specific person that sort of popped up in my life. It’s about broken promises and the value of letting your yes be yes and your no be no. Putting your trust into someone who is full of emptiness really sucks and makes you question your own judgement, but I learnt a lot from that experience, and I’m weirdly grateful to them. I also learnt that saying 'no' is okay."

Listen to "Unreliable" below.

"Unreliable" is available now on iTunes.

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