Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Ben Phipps (feat. Ashe) - Alive

Swedish-born producer Ben Phipps has just dropped his brand new single called "Alive", which once again sees him teaming up Nashville-based singer/songwriter Ashe, who he previously collaborated with her on his earlier tracks, "Don't Look Back" and "Sleep Alone".

Born into a family of musicians, Ben Phipps grew up quickly as a young man with a large love of life and an incredible passion for music. He chose to pursue further education overseas in the United States and attended the reputable school for music-production, Dubspot in New York City in 2012. Opening doors and opportunities of all kinds through new skills, connections and exciting combinations in sound; Ben continued strongly through his next two years splitting his time between NYC, Toronto and Montreal refining his craft, songs and style.

Now possessing all the skills necessary and fresh from harnessing the energy of his well-earned education – Ben returned to Sweden in early 2015 more ready to pursue a lifelong career, and truly more capable than ever before. Inspired by the growing support and confirmations of his talent from peers; this electrifying sound-artist blends exciting combinations of electronic sounds and classical instruments in vibrantly dynamic, emotional and exotic new ways. Inspiring, talented, and incredibly supportive of the future generation of music; Ben Phipps is a shining example of the unity and bond that can be found when you truly put your heart and soul into making your dreams become reality.

Listen to "Alive" along with Don't Look Back" and "Sleep Alone" below.

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