Monday, March 28, 2016

Featurette - Broken

Toronto-based electronic pop duo Featurette, comprised of singer Lexie Jay and drummer Jon Fedorsen, have just unveiled their haunting, sensual, and wholly electrifying new video for their latest single "Broken", which is lifted from their two-part debut album, Crave.

Their synthy, 80s inspired dream-pop sound may be likened to groups like CHVRCHES, Purity Ring, or Joywayve, but Featurette is amping up the genre. Bringing a raw energy and dark honesty to the vocals, while indulging in overdrives and bit-crushers has Featurette changing the face of electro-pop. It's easy to see why the duo are breaking hearts all over.

Speaking on the video, the duo explains:

"The whole concept behind Featurette is just that – we're story tellers, and we want to create a mini-feature for each album. So we thought, what better way to keep that motif going than to make a featurette for the videos as well? 'Broken' is the first song on the album, and the beginning of the story, so it was our natural first pick for the video series, where the next video we’ll be pushing out is the finale, and the last track on the album. We tried to encompass the whole story of CRAVE over these two videos, where 'Broken' really sets the scene well for 'boy meets girl', but much darker. It pulls you down and makes you feel and see all the visceral, ugly, lusty passion that comes out of a new love, but in a twisted way where everything that happens in the video is maybe just the girl's projection of her reality."

Watch the video for "Broken" below.

Premieres via LADYGUNN (USA) and NOW Magazine (Canada)

Crave volumes 1 & 2 are both available now on iTunes.

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