Thursday, March 24, 2016

Lao Ra - Daddy Issues

Born in inner-city Bogotá – once considered to be one of the most violent cities – Lao Ra’s first taste of music came through MTV, which she’d ritualistically watch with her brothers to escape what was going on outside. The world-building possibilities of transatlantic pop soon merged with a passion for the energy and attitude of punk, sparking Lao Ra to start writing songs at the age of twelve. She finished school and studied at a music college in Colombia, before working for a fire alarm company to make ends meet. Hoping that any English speakers who one day heard her music might pronounce her name properly, she broke it up into Lao Ra; her alias also unlocking a sense of confidence and girl-power which now cuts through her music.

Having moved to London to pursue music full-time, Lao Ra’s music looks set to travel further still in the year ahead. Today she returns with her new song, "Daddy Issues", which also serves as the second track to be lifted from her debut EP, Jesus Made Me Bad, due out tomorrow on Good Friday (March 25th). The new single follows the EP's title track which has already gone Top 10 on Hype Machine and Spotify's Viral Chart, picked up support on Radio 1, and seen the Colombian star-in-waiting sign to Black Butter Records / Sony. Blending the tropical with the topical, "Daddy Issues" is again inspired by South America's quite strict, conservative culture, this time taking aim at the idea of the absent Latin father-figure while mixing together Carnivalesque hip-hop beats and glitchy electronics.

Speaking on the track, Lao Ra says:

"I see a lot of men who struggle with being a parent and don’t really know their role in family life. Back in the day they would just bring the money home, and didn’t really have a connection with their kids. And as a consequence of dads being distant and absent, we don't really know how we’re supposed to be treated by men and often end up fancying the bad boys, who are as aloof as our fathers."

Listen to "Daddy Issues" along with "Jesus Made Me Bad" below.

Premiere via Wonderland Magazine.

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