Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Post-SXSW Roundup

While attending SXSW last week so much great new music was sent our way. However, with a new week upon us and a whole slew of new submissions coming in this week, it's almost impossible to keep up. So in an attempt to get caught up, I have decided to instead create a list of 10 of the best songs (out of many) that I enjoyed and hope you will too!

1. CANVAS - "Spell It Out"

2. Cape Cub - "The Start"

3. Compact Disk Dummies - "Holy Love"

4. David Harks - "Obey"

5. MIAMIGO - "Everyone I Know"

6. New Carnival - "Sweet Caroline"

7. PLAZA - "Reason"

8. Pretty Sister - "Come To LA"

9. Strong Asian Mothers - "The More That I"

10. The TVC (feat. Amir Girgis) - "Money"

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