Thursday, April 7, 2016

AWAS - Seasons

Having first come to our attention this past November with their first single, "Flavorz", Nashville-based future-pop duo AWAS, comprised of singer/songwriter Ariel Hill and producer/composer Danny Melonz, now return to present us with their downtempo and R&B-tinged second offering entitled "Seasons", which will appear on their forthcoming debut EP - hopefully due out sometime soon.

Speaking on the track, AWAS says:

"'Seasons' is the second song we’ve released as a duo and it was definitely hard to choose because we are sitting on a fat stack of unreleased and ever growing content. The first song we put out, 'Flavorz', was much more a dance track so we wanted to showcase a different side of AWAS.

'Seasons' really shows what we are about as a duo. When we sit down to write together our end goal is always to create a very strong, distinct vibe. With Seasons we wanted something you could put on at a party and change the environment into a mellow, head bobbing good time. The track actually has a lot of energy but it is condensed down to a mellower vibe so you are able to feel it more than having it blast back at you. That's what we're all about, creating something that will be the soundtrack to everyone's best memories.

Listen to "Seasons" below.

"Seasons" is available now on iTunes.

Premiere via Purple Melon Music.

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