Friday, November 9, 2018

New Music Friday #83

Happy New Music Friday everyone! Below you will find a roundup of some of this week's best new music by some of today's most promising female artists. Also, be sure to check out our comprehensive Spotify playlist at the bottom of this page which includes all these songs plus songs that we previously featured earlier this week.
Enjoy! xoxo

Amanda Tenfjord - "Pick A Card"

Andria Piperni - "Say Something"

Ariana and the Rose - "Night Owl"

Ashley Tisdale - "Voices in My Head"

Baegod (feat. Nate Curry) - "Low"

BAER & JVZEL & Zach Sorgen - "So LA"

Bellhouse - "Like You Loved Us"

Brit Daniels - "Convince Me"

Charlee Remitz - "Devilish"

CHINAH - "Anyone"

Claire George - "Lonely Or Alone"

CLAY - "Orange"

Cristina Lizzul - "So Right"

Disco Shrine (feat. Omenihu) - "Everyday"

Ella Vos - "Cast Away"

Elohim - "Connect"

Emilie Kahn - "Island"

Emily James - "Foreign Land"

Emily Rowed - "Pinball" & "Hey Love"


Fickle Friends - "San Francisco"

Fjer - "Awkward"

FJØRA - "Run, Run, Run"

FrankK - "Millies On My Mind"

Hannah Barnett - "Nails"

HOLYCHILD - "Bathroom Bitch"

Irini Mandó - "Fine AF"

Janine - "Take Our Time"

Kate Stewart - "On My Mind"

KG Lillian - "Obedient"

Kira - "That Would Be A Lie"

Lennon Stella - "Fortress"

LÉON - "Falling"

Lhasa Petik - "This Heart"

LO - "Like That"

Lucy Whittaker - "Curious"

Lydia Evangeline - "Down"

Lynzy Lab - "A Scary Time (For Boys)"

Lyyn - "Out Of Breath"

Lyves - "Tell Me That You Feel It Too"

Madison Beer (feat. Offset) - "Hurts Like Hell"

Maike - "Ghosttown"

Maryze (feat. Ciele) - "Men Like You"

Millie Go Lightly - "Gold Chain"

Molly Rainford - "I Like You"

Monogem - "Shade"

More Giraffes - "AOP"

Mothica - "Up In Flames"

Njomza - "Don't Count The Daze"

Novaa - "Almond Eyes"

NUUXS (feat. Zac Pajak) - "Patient"

Olivia O'Brien - "Care Less More"

Only Girl - "Crave"

Phem - "Jump"

Queen Of Hearts - "The Water Between Us"

ROOO - "My Mind Is Taking Me To Places IDK About"

Sage Charmaine (feat. cupcakKe) - "Bitter Chocolate"

Sasha Sloan - "Older"

SIIGHTS - "Broke It With Me"

Sofi de la Torre (feat. Rich The Kid) - "Run That Back"

Sophia Danai - "WYIL"

Theia - "Candy"

Valentina - "10 Feet Tall"

Viktoria Liv - "Love No More"


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