Thursday, April 7, 2016

Luna Shadows - Cherry

Having already released two successful singles so far this year, "Cry Wolf" and "Hallelujah California", the latter which debuted on Spotify at #8 in the US and #19 worldwide on their viral charts, Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter and producer Luna Shadows now returns to present us with her third single, "Cherry", which is perhaps is her most impressive offering to date. "Cherry" was written and produced by Shadows herself in collaboration with Thomas Powers of The Naked and Famous and Kamtin Mohager from The Chain Gang of 1974.

Luna Shadows is a powerful artist that strives on her creativity being from the core. She writes, sings, produces and engineers about 90% of her own music. Born an artist, Luna has been stealing the stage since the tender age of 9 when she wrote her first instrumental piece. Luna went on and attended LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts in New York City, where she majored in voice, then graduated from USC with a double major in Theatre and Music.

Speaking on the track, Luna says:

"I wrote 'Cherry' to mirror the back-and-forth relationship between love and patience. It's either absolutely sincere or entirely sarcastic, depending on the circumstances. At first listen, it's a classic unrequited love song... but there's a second interpretation in which the lyrics are a dismissive response to being asked to wait around without hope for indefinite periods for the other to be 'ready.' Both versions circle back to an underlying obsession with absolute perfection: the tendency to turn inwards in idle moments, and the exhaustion and hysteria that accompany attempts to revise oneself aimlessly and endlessly. "

Listen to "Cherry" below.

"Cherry" is available now on iTunes.

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