Tuesday, May 3, 2016

RÉN - Into The Unknown

Brooklyn-based electro-pop artist Renée Orshan, aka RÉN makes a very welcome return today with her feel-good, yet introspective new single called "Into The Unknown", which was produced and mixed by Brandon Bost and follows 2015's "Sunflowers In The Sky". Complementary in wisdom to her debut single, "Time", the song is an escape and much-needed reminder to let go of those aspects of life you will never have control over. In a way it embodies the core concept of RÉN - to be true to yourself, stop comparing yourself to others, channel your stress into positive energy, and create changes you long for so that you can live fully, 'let go' of everything holding you back and Into the Unknown. Listen below.

"Into The Unknown" will be available on iTunes on May 6th.

Premiere via I Heart Moosiq.


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