Friday, May 27, 2016

Zoey Lily - Edges

Introducing 19-year-old London-based singer/songwriter Zoey Lily, who has today unveiled her first single called "Edges", produced by James Kenosha (Rhodes, Gavin James, Dry The River). Initially shared online as a live demo, the song quickly racked up 5K plays on Soundcloud. Creating an atmosphere that is both intimate and anthemic with spacious strings, moving rhythms and Zoey's gracefully emotive vocals, the single taps into the heart of the instinctive wordsmith that Zoey Lily is, who unfolds dark emotions in lines like "We all know, there is always this insecurity / Feels like falling and waiting for the crash". And although at times the track may seem to fit into a specific genres, there is no steady affiliation to these styles, with Zoey instead coining her own term that she calls 'melo-noir'.

Zoey's personal relationship with music began as a 13-year-old girl in the remote village of Les Mayons in southern France, where she first penned naive thoughts into poems, scripts and songs. Her own attraction towards musical expression took her by surprise, but this becomes all the more apparent once you delve into her past. Raised by a Parisian fashion designer for a mother and a prolific live music agent for a father, Zoey's childhood is soaked in rock ‘n’ roll to the extent that she was even on the road with Van Morrison as an unborn baby, and later joining the likes of Jimmy Cliff and Joss Stone as a young child. It’s clear that this individual was fated to creativity from the start.

A couple of years ago this burgeoning talent picked up her father’s acoustic Martin guitar and began pursuing music in earnest. The musician’s inner migration is further reflected in her songwriting process: a solitary experience often sparked by late night moments of melancholy. Translating these precious meditations into song is never a cathartic experience for the young artist, and despite the vulnerability of this process she prefers the listener to form their own conclusions on the meaning behind her songs. In terms of recording her music, Zoey physically retreated to the peaceful, coastal village of Bridlington (north-east England) to The Lodge Studios – an ideal setting for a highly contemplative artist to complete her debut work. Based on the works of her younger self Zoey has pieced together the tracks that are set to become her debut Reckless Minds EP, which is due out this fall.

Listen to "Edges" below.

Premiere via The 405.

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