Friday, June 17, 2016

LANY - yea, babe, no way

After releasing their previous single, "Where The Hell Are My Friends" back in early March, Los Angeles-based genre-bending trio LANY (pronounced LAY-NEE and an acronym for 'Los Angeles New York') return today to share their brand new single called "yea, babe, no way", a thoroughly relatable and effortless alt-pop track with an indelible hook.

Speaking on the track, lead singer Paul Klein says:

"It's about that exact back and forth emotion. Like...'Wow, I miss you and what we had was pretty amazing and actually how did this not work out and yeah this hurts a ton and sometimes kinda a lot of times I wanna call you and try again, but then I'm like no I can't, I just can't' ... ya know? It's that kind of feeling."

Listen to "yea, babe, no way" below.

"yea, babe, no way" is available now on iTunes.

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