Thursday, June 9, 2016

Leena Ojala - Hey Ya (Outkast Cover)

Having already released a series of immaculate singles so far this year, London-based singer/songwriter and producer Leena Ojala now returns with the unveiling her sensual and thrilling rendition of Outkast's 2013 hit "Hey Ya!", which was produced in collaboration with platinum-selling songwriter and composer Paul Carter, aka Benbrick, who has previously worked with the likes of Troye Sivan, Hikaru Utada and Mary Jess.

Speaking on the track, Leena says:

"'Hey Ya' was the first track I ever did a cover on when I started playing the guitar at 16. I played a solo acoustic cover of it in my gigs - it always went down well as it's uptempo, dynamic and has a nice melody. Working with Benbrick on the cover, we went for a completely different sound and feel, keeping it uptempo but changing the emotion from happy to that of dreamy / reminiscing the past. In the initial choruses I try to reach out timidly, only hoping but not expecting to be heard, whereas in the final chorus I placed myself on a mountain top imagining to reach out once more with all my heart. We kept the intro different from the original so that you need to get 45 seconds into the song before you recognize the track. I added an original vocal hook for the intro which I feel works nicely. All throughout the track we placed my vocals at the top."

Listen to Leena Ojala's cover "Hey Ya!" below.

Premiere via Ladygunn.

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