Friday, June 3, 2016

Naomi Pilgrim - Mama

Swedish/Barbadian pop artist Naomi Pilgrim has today released her brand new 3-song sophomore EP titled Sink Like A Stone via Cosmos which features the EP's title track as well as her previous single, "I Wonder". Along with the release, Naomi has also shared the EP's third and final single, "Mama", a heart-wrenching love story which she wrote about her mother, Marie. The EP is a powerful and painful reflection of Naomi Pilgrim’s world. Naomi turns herself and society inside out, skillfully melodizing political developments like the far right’s progression in Sweden and posing uncomfortable questions about cultural heritage, oppression, and fascism.

Speaking on the release, Naomi professes:

"Writing this EP has been an at times scarring and at times sweet experience. 'Sink Like A Stone' truly is a labour of love and the writing process required both time and total honesty; I had to open old wounds and keep others from healing properly. It hasn’t been the least bit easy, but in the end it was definitely worth it."

Listen to "Mama" below.

Purchase a copy of Naomi Pilgrim's Sink Like A Stone EP on iTunes.

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