Friday, June 3, 2016

Shallows - Empire Of The Animal

After having made quite a first impression on us earlier this year with their debut single, "Summer Sucks", Los Angeles-based electronic pop duo Shallows, comprised of vocalist Dani Poppitt and guitarist/producer Marshall Gallagher, return today with their second offering entited "Empire Of The Animal". Although it's a less immediately accessible effort than their debut, it is every bit as heavy and memorable. Poppitt sings the plea of a fiercely impatient lover, fed up with her partner’s apathy and refusal to fight for their relationship. The melody ducks in and out of dense layers of ambience and percussion, conveying both vulnerability and a primal sense of urgency while the song boasts eclectic elements ranging from the sweet melancholia of The Cure to the undeniable sensibilities of Miike Snow.

Listen to "Empire Of The Animal" below.

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